Last night the world lost a fucking fireball….

Last night the world lost a fucking fireball of fun, whose wellspring of love and compassion was apparently bottomless (I never found the bottom: he always had more to give).

And I lost one of the best friends I ever had.

He was someone I could call at any time of day or night – he was always happy to hear from me. There were times when we talked nearly every day.

He supported me in the nutty stuff I try to do: teaching or writing or drawing or even just ranting about the state of the world. He’d always say “Your shit’s pretty cool dude”.

He also recognized my areas of fumbling inadequacy and pushed me to overcome them:

He pushed me to overcome my fear and really learn to surf. I’m still not the greatest surfer, but I think he’d be proud of who I am now out in the water.

And his dating advice and encouragement helped push me out of the shell I like to hide in: it’s not much of an exaggeration to say that without him I might never have gotten married….

He was also big enough to tell me when I fucked up, and if I fucked up with him, magnanimous enough to forgive me.

He will be sorely, painfully, viscerally missed by a great many people, and I feel proud and blessed and humbly grateful to count myself among them.

I hope he found my friendship even slightly as helpful as I found his. I’ll always wish I could have done more.

Rest easy now, my brother-from-a-different-mother…..

Pretty sure the surf must be firing where you are, Hideo, so remember what you always told me: gotta want it to win it dude, so go hard, point it down, and get some… Enjoy your eternity of perfect waves, Hideo, you, more than anyone, have earned it….
Quintessentially Quinn: Rest in Peace Quinn Hideo Morgan Gray, 1973-2020
From back when life was simpler….

Climate Emergency Presentation Nodake 3ku 2020-02-28 UPDATE: CANCELLED

I talked to the head of the neighbourhood association and we decided to cancel this event to help contain the corona virus (many public events are now being cancelled) we’ll reschedule once things have calmed down…


I’ll be doing my next Climate Emergency presentation at my local neighborhood association, it’ll be in Japanese but please come if you can, the more people show up the bigger the impact, and the bigger the impact the greater the chances of it leading to real action.

Nerd Nite 2020-02-07 Presentation: Apocalypse Soon

Nerd Nite のプレゼンのスライドファイル:
Here is the slideshow file to accompany my Nerd Nite presentation

Apocalypse Soon

[Follow-up comments, written the morning after my Nerd Nite presentation]:

Firstly I want to thank everyone who watched my presentation last night. Despite how I look once I’ve got a mic in my hands (somehow being in the limelight lends me a lot of energy), I’m not a naturally outgoing person (I’m terrible at small talk) so I was very nervous: you were a wonderful audience and made it easy for me to give my talk. Thank you.

I have a few follow-up comments, things I might have said if I’d had more time and/or if I had been quick-witted enough to have thought of them in the moment:

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how to think things in the 21st century

I’m in a caustic mood today (“caustic mood” = 暗くて皮肉的な気分). I mean this post is humor and sarcasm though with a serious point. Enjoy:

How to think things in the 21st century (a guide for beginners):

1) believe in X(ism) and define it as you choose.

2) compare EVERYTHING to your definition of X – all opinions, people, news, documentaries, politics, perspectives, science, EVERYTHING

3) denounce EVERYTHING that is not EXACTLY “X” as you define it (and all people who do not exactly believe this X as you define it) as wrong/stupid/ignorant/immoral/evil

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Flash Mob Mihama American Village 2020-01-24 18:00~

Climate Reality Project (気候現実プロジェクト)、とClimateStrikeOki(気候ストライキ沖)、tensaimon(天才門!)は美浜アメリカンビレッジで2020年1月24日(金)18時からフラッシュモブをします!歌の題名Staying Aliveは「生き残る、死なない」って意味だから、気候危機にすごくふさわしい:踊るが死ぬかといえば、踊りましょうね!
The Climate Reality Project, Climate Strike Oki, and Tensaimon (me!) are going to do a Flash Mob in Mihama on Friday 2020-01-24!! Please come and join in, because if it’s dance or die we should probably dance!!

This is what we are going to do:

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the climate emergency: trajectories and options

As you know I follow this story quite closely, and I can confirm that these figures are an accurate representation of the science. The problem of course is politics: right now it is looking very unlikely we will avert this. Which basically means most humans are going to die in the next few decades.

However there is a silver lining (if you can call it that): at 1.5-2.0 degrees the massive crop failures and resulting famine, whilst leading to enormous suffering and death (from starvation and war) in the short term, will lead (once enough humans are dead) to a collapse of the world’s civilization: at that point carbon emissions will drop to (near) zero, and since nature abhors a vacuum, trees and animals will take over again – those trees will absorb CO2 which in time will cool the earth again.

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a story about racism from my childhood

WARNING: this post contains (quoted) racist language

People often comment that I am of a somewhat darker complexion than the average white England person. In the mid-eighties, when my family moved to the white largely rural-working class village of Charfield in South Gloucestershire, I started attending the local comprehensive school (Katherine Lady Berkeley’s school, or KLB) and this quirk of my appearance quickly gained me a new nickname: “Paki”
(explanation: the word “paki” is a shortening of “Pakistani” and in England is derogatory slang for someone of east Asian origin).

Katharine Lady Berkley’s School, photo taken by me in 2017 – by complete coincidence this photo is almost the exact location of an incident I describe below.
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2019・11・29 グローバル気候マーチin 那覇 Global Climate Strike in Naha

やりますよ、2019・11・29,県民広場(県庁の前)。チラシをシェア、印刷,配るなど、よろしく!!!!そして友達と家族、同僚、皆連れてきてください!下に編集が出来るイメージファイルも貼った、どうぞ思い切って変更して使ってください!編集は を使った方がいいですが、illustratorでも開けます。後は、イベントページはこちです。

This is happening, in Naha in front of the Kencho building and Pallet-Kumoji. Here are the flyers, please share, print, and distribute. Then bring your friends, family, co-workers, bring everybody!! Also, if you want to edit and re-use the design, download the .svg files posted below – it’ll open best in Inkscape though it will open in Illustrator. Also, the event page on FB is here.

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