A short comment on preferred pronouns

I just posted something on Facebook using someone’s preferred pronouns of “them and their”, which I know is an issue that riles some people up, so I want to explain that issue as I see it:

If I started calling you, and referring to you, as “dickface”:
– “Hi dickface””morning dickface how’s it going?”
– “fancy a quick pint after work, dickface?”
– “have you seen dickface lately?”
– “Let’s invite dickface to our meeting, he might have some useful input”

I don’t think it would take very long before you got pretty pissed and asked me to stop.
And having been asked to stop, the considerate (of your point of view and experience) thing for me to do is to stop.

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Sharing my grief on social media: the shares, and some reflection

In my response to Hideo’s death I somehow ended up sharing my grief on social media (which is very not usually something I would do). I discuss this in the final section of this post, but first, the posts themselves, culled from my social media for that week:

From my Instagram/Facebook:

When I’m tense (eye-man?) I always compensate by getting ready absurdly early (and by making puns with my name…). Just in case there’s a problem (with my shoelaces??). So here I am, in my genkan, all ready to go, in the shirt and shoes wonderwife helped me buy on Friday, fully an hour before Owen is due to pick me up….
(Barely able to see the screen thru snot and tears….).
Hideo would say “Do what you need to do, dude”.
I wonder how long I’ll be hearing his voice in my head?
Hopefully forever….💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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How to face your fears of the climate crisis

A lot of my recent posts have been very energetic (ranting and shouty, even…) but today I want to take a moment to breath deeply, and talk quietly about how terrifying this all is, and how to deal with that.

First, a brief summary of the facts, just as a short reminder of how scary the situation really is:

The science and scientists tells us that we have a massive problem: global warming will lead to more extreme weather: heatwaves, droughts, floods, and storms. The physics of why is simple: more heat energy in the air means more energy to the air’s movement, which makes weather events stronger than they would otherwise have been.

Heatwaves and floods are going to damage crops; as these events become more frequent and stronger more and more crops are going to be damaged and fail. That’s going to reduce the food supply, eventually getting to the point where people start to go hungry (this is already happening).

Climate change → hunger

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