Climate Emergency Presentation Nodake 3ku 2020-02-28 UPDATE: CANCELLED

I talked to the head of the neighbourhood association and we decided to cancel this event to help contain the corona virus (many public events are now being cancelled) we’ll reschedule once things have calmed down…


I’ll be doing my next Climate Emergency presentation at my local neighborhood association, it’ll be in Japanese but please come if you can, the more people show up the bigger the impact, and the bigger the impact the greater the chances of it leading to real action.

Nerd Nite 2020-02-07 Presentation: Apocalypse Soon

Nerd Nite のプレゼンのスライドファイル:
Here is the slideshow file to accompany my Nerd Nite presentation

Apocalypse Soon

[Follow-up comments, written the morning after my Nerd Nite presentation]:

Firstly I want to thank everyone who watched my presentation last night. Despite how I look once I’ve got a mic in my hands (somehow being in the limelight lends me a lot of energy), I’m not a naturally outgoing person (I’m terrible at small talk) so I was very nervous: you were a wonderful audience and made it easy for me to give my talk. Thank you.

I have a few follow-up comments, things I might have said if I’d had more time and/or if I had been quick-witted enough to have thought of them in the moment:

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